Job Descriptions

Board of Directors

Below are the job descriptions from WCS Bylaws and links to detailed descriptions of the tasks, time commitment and useful skills for each position.

President: presides over all meetings of the society and calls meetings as required. She appoints, with the approval of the board of directors, the chairs of standing committees, and serves ex-officio on all committees. The president appoints a board member to review financial records quarterly and annually. FULL DESCRIPTION.

Vice President: assists the president as called upon, presides in her absence, and oversees the section leaders. She organizes and executes social activities, such as the fall tea and the spring banquet. FULL DESCRIPTION.

Secretary: records the minutes of all business meetings of the corporation and the board of directors. She e-mails the minutes to the board and ensures they are posted to the on-line communications system in a timely manner. She conducts all correspondence of the corporation and performs any other duties as designated by the president. FULL DESCRIPTION.

Treasurer: keeps a record of all monies received and disburses monies as directed by the board of directors. The treasurer, president and vice president are signers on the corporation’s bank accounts. The treasurer prepares a budget for approval by the board of directors. She prepares and files any required reports and presents the financial ledger for an annual review by the president or a reviewer appointed by the president. She oversees membership and ticket committees. FULL DESCRIPTION.

Directors-at-Large: attend all meetings of the board and act as liaisons for the general membership. They will manage requests for scholarships and be available to assist the president as needed. FULL DESCRIPTION.

Development Director: oversees the annual donor campaign and manages donor research, corporate sponsors, and research and writing grants. FULL DESCRIPTION.

Marketing Director: manages recruitment, concert publicity and other activities of the society through all media. She oversees advertising, posters and programs, as well as the corporation’s website and Facebook page She consults with the president regarding all marketing activities. FULL DESCRIPTION.

President-Elect: attends all board meetings and shadows the current president in preparation for assuming the role of president. She may assist the president with additional tasks that are mutually agreed upon. FULL DESCRIPTION.  (We aren’t looking for nominations for President because we have a President-Elect moving into that position. The next opportunity to fun for Board President will be when Mary Backus gives notice.)

Small Ensemble President: represents the members of the small ensemble to the board and is a voting member of the board. FULL DESCRIPTION.

Committee Chairs

The work of the choir is done by many hands. Here are the job descriptions of the Committee leader jobs. If any of these positions are interesting to you please contact Mary Backus, our President-Elect, to discuss how you can contribute.

Website-Facebook Administrator
Publicity Assistant
Poster Assistant
Program Advertising Salesperson
Digital Librarian
Chair Program Committee

Chair Nominating Committee

Chair Music Selection Committee

Chair Music Library Committee

Chair Membership Committee

Chair History Committee

Chair Compact Disc Committee

Box Office Coordinator
Section Leader